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Information Technology
Business Networking
Software Programmers
Data Processing
Computer System Designers and Consultants
Website Development
Research and Development
Media (TV, Radio, Video)
Security Systems
Various other technology-related operations

As information technology continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly more important for businesses to protect themselves against losses due to related mishaps. INSPRO has a long history of working with and providing quality Insurance Programs for this ever-changing industry.
Some of the many programs we specialize in are:

  • Website Development
  • Computer System Designers and Consultants
  • Security Systems
  • Software Programmers
  • Media (TV, Radio, Video)
  • Plus many more

Our team is dedicated in providing the right coverage and tools needed to give you peace of mind should a loss occur.



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Vertical Tabs

Safety & Loss Control

Injuries and safety violations can cost money, time and so much more. That’s why it is always wiser to spend a bit more time doing the job safely than to risk getting a serious injury. To ensure workplace safety, it takes a team effort. 

DOT/OSHA Compliance Review

OSHA and DOT constantly updates their standards and requirements and keeping track of these updates can be a job in itself. Let INSPRO help you stay up-to-date with the current rules and regulations.

Claims Advocacy

In the unfortunate event that you have a claim, our purpose is to be certain that covered claims will be paid promptly and fairly. We are available to assist our clients with claims needs such as:

  • Gather police and accident reports
  • Keep you informed of the claim's status
  • Answer questions about the claims process
  • Assistance in resolving difficulties
HR Guidance & Support

At INSPRO, we continually look for innovative products and value-added services to ensure your customer satisfaction. Our goal is for our services to become your first resource for time-saving business resources whenever you need them.

Workers' Compensation Consulting

INSPRO is here to help you through your workers' compensation process with our in-house Claims Consultant, Jen Bryant. Jen specializes in workers' compensation cost containment while also building client relationships and delivering excellent client service.


Bonding can be a necessary part of any business. INSPRO has an extensive history of providing bonding and will guide you through the entire process. Whatever your bonding needs you can Proceed with Confidence knowing our experienced and knowledgeable bond staff are here to help. 

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