Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

INSPRO’s Employee Benefits Division consists of 12 dedicated, licensed life and health agents with multiple years of experience in the employee benefit industry. We offer services in every area of individual, and group benefit programs to protect your employees and your business from catastrophic claims or losses. We have the personnel and resources to provide specialized assistance for your unique needs.

INSPRO Takes a Hands-On Approach to Client Support

At INSPRO, we realize that the traditional approach to employee benefits is no longer effective. Our focus is bringing employers new and unique solutions to mitigate the continual rise in the cost of employee benefits plans.

  • Each Client is unique and requires/desires a different level interaction.
  • We do not have a set model. Rather, from the beginning we coordinate with our clients to develop a detailed program to facilitate their needs and expectations for ongoing communication and annual review correspondence.

How INSPRO Manages Health Insurance Affordability

We address affordability through comprehensive plan review and alternative program evaluation.  We may not be able to control overall medical inflation, but reducing the amount of total plan cost subject to annual increases lowers the trend line and helps preserve long term sustainability.

  • INSPRO works directly with carriers and vendors to obtain, analyze and review applicable plan renewal information.
  • Our Process includes a direct meeting with the various companies to determine accuracy and fairness.
  • Negotiations are conducted based on specific client data, industry trends, economic conditions and current market indications.
  • We typically perform an annual market evaluation for comparison with renewal results.
  • As applicable, we utilize competitive market results to facilitate a more favorable position for our clients.

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