Agribusiness Safety Center

Agribusiness Safety Center

INSPRO has a Risk Manager & Loss Control Specialist on staff who is available to put on Safety Program Meetings for your company's employees. For more infomation about the services available, contact Teague Lottman.


Spring Safety

In the Midwest spring means nice weather and that means long hours in the field, at the jobsite or on the road. If you are in agriculture you have a short window to get the crop in. In construction you are behind because of the winter months and if you travel its orange barrow season and slow moving vehicles. If you are not putting safety at the top of your list it is a recipe for disaster.

Here are a few tips to help make your spring a safe one:

  1. Hazard Assessment - before you start a job do a quick assessment of all the dangers you and your employees could be facing. Then put policies and procedures in place to prevent those hazards. Sounds simple but it’s rarely done. Most importantly make sure to get all your employees involved in this process.
  2. Emergency Action Plan – many accidents end up turning into full fledge disasters because we are not prepared. Emergency numbers should always be posted no matter where we are working. Workers should be instructed on the basics; fire, tornado, chemical spill and basic first aid. SDS and first aid kits must always be within reach. Most importantly train and practice your plan. You can have the best written plan but it does no good if no one knows how to implement it.
  3. PPE – make sure you are supplying the correct PPE for the job and then make sure you employees are not only using it but using it correctly. So many injuries could be easily avoided if the proper PPE was being used.
  4. Driving Safety – slow down, no distractions and wear your seatbelt. 
  5. Communication – it is human nature to work smarter and safer if we know what is expected of us especially when there are time considerations. Working blindingly with no instruction leads to disasters. Take the time to lay out the day for your employees making note of job hazards and discussing any accidents or near misses from the previous day or week. 
Safe and steady always wins!


Highlight Videos from Safety Program Meetings




Teague Lottman at a Safety Meeting for a local Co-Op in September 2013. This safety meeting was put on by Teague and INSPRO Insurance. There were over 70 people in attendance - employees and representatives from several area volunteer fire departments.