You may have considerable opportunities for saving on your workers comp premiums. That’s where we can help with an experience rating analysis specifically for your company. ModMaster software is used for computing, analyzing and presenting the workers comp model.

What is ModMaster?

  • A valuable tool used by insurance and risk management professionals.
  • Not just a product, but a service which includes timely updates of the experience rating formulas and associated rating values.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Understanding What Drives Workers Comp Premium Costs.

  • Accurately project your experience rating factor before it’s promulgated by the bureau.
  • Identify the minimum mod possible and calculate the controllable mod, thus showing how much money could be saved in premiums.
  • Analyze losses to show what specific losses cost increased premiums.
  • Understand the factors affecting your mod and illustrate the value of loss control and loss prevention services.
  • Forecast concerns, such as significant change in payroll or loss trends which may impact the mod for several years.
  • Increase accuracy of your cost allocation and risk management decisions.
  • Forecast the mod for the next policy period.
  • Compute and verify the accuracy of mods.


For more information contact:

Britney Bandars
Client Services Coordinator